Warranty & Return Policy

Warranty & Return Policy | Passengers find out visa information, profile, visa conditions, places to submit. If you do not understand, you can call the number 19009227 branch 2 for guidance information.

Visa regulations

When you apply for visa, you get the number (if crowded) waiting staff call the number you are holding. You provide your information to the visa officer for staff to conduct visa procedures.

You can change the information as required. However, when the voucher prints out, if you change information, you will be dealt with in the case of other visa services.

When receiving the visa, please check the information on the passport (please ask again visa staff) and the price if anything wrong then solve at that time, avoid false information, wrongful entry, wrong entry, exit, …

You must pay 100% of the visa fee before receiving the visa service payment receipt.

For more information please contact 19009227 – Branch 2 meet visa staff for help!

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Warranty & Return Policy