Visa Run at Moc Bai Border

The alternative solution to a visa extension, that we recommend to our clients, is to do a VISA RUN.
➡️ Moc Bai border checkpoint (Cambodia) is considered the place for the cheapest visa run from Vietnam, especially for those from Ho Chi Minh City.
📅 We organize visa run EVERYDAY in Ho Chi Minh City
A visa run is a solid way to renew your Vietnam visa. You need to perform a “border run”, which requires you to leave the country before your visa expiration date and re-enter it directly.
You can do it by plane (airport) or by bus (land border).
You need to bring the following documents:
* Your original passport (valid for at least 06 months following your entry date)
* E-visa (we can help you for application) or a visa exemption
* Fees for the Cambodian visa (you can obtain it on arrival or beforehand at Cambodia Embassy/Consulate General in Vietnam)
The departure is from our office 302 Cong Hoa ,Tan Binh  at 7:00am and departure at 1:00pm from Moc bai border (Vietnam-Cambodia border).
🚗/🚎You can choose to go there by PRIVATE CAR (faster) or PRIVATE MINIBUS.
💯 We offer comfort packages including: e-visa or visa letter (for business, family, student,…), transportation, drinks and snacks.
Leave Saigon for a couple of hours and come back with a new visa! ☺
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