Shipping Policy

Shipping policy of Visa Thai Duong

Once we have obtained the visa result from the Embassy, the Immigration Department, our Visa staff will contact you at the telephone number provided to inform the status of your visa, copper Notice of the time you receive your visa, accompanied by other necessary information.

Once the verification process is successful, the visa officer will assign the courier to deliver to your home.

Delivery address Delivery time
Inner Ho Chi Minh city  24 hours
Outside of Ho Chi Minh city 1 – 2 days work
The other areas 3 – 5 days work




– If the Visa output in the first Saturday & Sunday will be started from the next week 2 days.

Shipping policies and regulations

For ordering express delivery, please contact hotline 1900 9227 for specific advice. Shipping table for distant order: Shipping cost calculated on the weight of goods. For details, please contact hotline 1900 9227 (1,500 d / min) to be informed.

Shipping policy of Visa Thai Duong

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Shipping policy

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