How to change type of Vietnam visa
How to change type of Vietnam visa In many cases, foreigners living in Vietnam will pay attention to their own visa validity until they leaving days. How to leave Vietnam with your tourist Visa or take extension with expired visa then or How to change type of Vietnam visa  ? Case 1: You will change the purpose of… (0 comment)

How to extension Work permit  When having a work permit, you can easy to extend it. However, please pay high attention that it should be processed 02 months before the expiry date to avoid any problems happened possible. You should prepare some procesdures with details as below: – Pasport photocopy – company stamp (all used… (0 comment)

Forginer can either apply for a work permit from within Vietnam, or from abroad with the help of their employer or a contracted visa agency. Those applying from within Vietnam will need to do so within 90 days of arrival, as the government only grants a three month period during which expats can live and… (0 comment)