How to get a visa to VietNam ?

How to get a visa to VietNam ?

How to get a visa to VietNam – Getting a Visa to Vietnam can be a draining and all around difficult process. From choosing the correct visa category, duration and fee, to arranging the right documents…

Getting a Visa to Vietnam can be a draining and all around difficult process. From choosing the correct visa category, duration and fee, to arranging the right documents, checking your passport and finally beginning the application process itself, for so many travellers entering Vietnam can seem almost impossible. Where do you even begin ?

How to get a visa to VietNam ?

How to get a visa to VietNam ?

Do I Need a Visa ?

If you’re Australian or America then sadly the answer is still “yes”, but for some lucky nationals of other countries the answer may well be “no”. If they fly directly into Phu Quoc(which is designated a Special Economic Zone), anyone who fancies a beachside vacation can spend up to 30 days on the island without a visa. However, this is only valid in Phu Quoc, so if you plan to travel through Vietnam then buying a visa is the best plan.

The Vietnamese government has recently issued visa waivers for trips lasting up to 15 days in Vietnam, for the nationals from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Finally, visitors from the ASEAN bloc (which includes Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam) receive a 30 day visa waiver, aside from Bruneians who receive 14 days.

For countries that get an exemption for the first X amount of days, travellers can instead buy a tourist visa the first time around, and any time they come into the country again, they can get their free visa. Alternatively, exempt travellers who take the free visa option the first time around must wait 30 days out of the country once their free visa expires, before coming back into Vietnam; they will still have an option to enter for free for the allotted number of days.

What Visa Do I Need ?

As of 1 January 2015 Vietnamese immigration law was amended to include a much more specific array of visa categories. To some this may seem scary! But never fear, it’s actually very useful since you’re now bound to find an exact fit for your purpose of entry. Check out this handy table for a list of visa categories, the appropriate applicant for that category, and how long that category allows you to stay in Vietnam.

Visa categories Who is it for? Duration of visa
NG1 – NG4 Diplomats and guests of the government, and their relatives or assistants Up to 12 months
LV1 – LV2 People who work with the Vietnamese authorities Up to 12 months
DT Foreign investors and foreign lawyers operating in Vietnam Up to 5 years
DN Working partners of Vietnamese Businesses Up to 12 months
NN1 – NN2 Chief’s and head representatives of representative offices of IOs and foreign NGOs in Vietnam Up to 12 months
NN3 Staff members of NGOs, representative offices and branches of foreign businesses in Vietnam Up to 12 months
DH Students or interns coming to study in Vietnam Up to 12 months
HN Conference/seminar attendants Up to 3 months
PV1 Journalists with permanent residence in Vietnam Up to 12 months
PV2 Journalists with short term residence in Vietnam Up to 12 months
LD Foreign workers/labourers coming to work in Vietnam Up to 2 years
DL Tourists Up to 3 months
TT Dependents (wife, husband, or child under 18 years) of someone with an LV1, LV2, DT, NN1, NN2, DH, PV1, LD Up to 12 months
VR People who will visit their relatives, or enters Vietnam for other purposes Up to 6 months
SQ People who enter Vietnam under special circumstances, for market research, tourism, visiting relatives or medical treatment Up to 1 month

What About the New One-Year Visa for US Citizens ?

A new 12-month visa only for American citizens has been put into practice. For several months, there had been problems because the one-year visa had become the only option US citizens were given. However, this is not the case any more, and they can apply for one-month and three-month visas again.


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