Things to know about Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Things to know about Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) is one of the three ways to obtain a visa to Vietnam. It is possibly the most preferred method these days for travelers thanks to its quick processing time, convenience, and simplified procedure.

1 – Vietnam visa Exemption

Visa Exemption is mainly applicable for citizens in case two countries decide on letting each other’s citizens to go into their nation without restraint. Vietnam issues free entry for a small number of countries, mainly in Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan a few states.

The applicable time is different from every single nation, usually from 15 days to 04 weeks, and the 2nd visit need to occur after the first one month. Make sure that you check the requirements before submitting an application for visa to Vietnam.

2 – Vietnam Visa On Arrival Is Sort Of Differen

Originally, visitors are allowed to pick up VOA at the arrival airport of the nation they are going to. Still, to have this visa stamped, applicants must prepare an “Approval Letter” via Vietnam travel agent of which you can easily use the services. So that, they can help you receive this Approval Letter. By having this document, you can go into the nation.

3 – Who are allowed to get Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

Foreign residents from 163 countries throughout the world could submit an application for Vietnam visa on arrival. The requirements are:

• Foreign citizens

• People who hold valid passport

• Not falling into the circumstances of suspension from entry approved in article 21 of law on foreigners’ admission, leaving, transit and residence in Vietnam.

• Citizens coming from nations which are named in the list of Vietnam Visa Exemption for a certain period of time.

4 – How To Make An Application For Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

Initially, you have to request the Approval Letter on the internet, then you can obtain visa stamp at the arrival airport.

Usually there are four steps to do this:

• Complete the application form by going online. You are required to double check to avoid from errors.

• Make a payment online via safe payment entrance with your credit or debit card.

• Print out visa Approval Letter which is sent to your email after 02 processing days combined with entry-exit form NA1.

• Have visa stamped at the Vietnam arrival airport.

5 – What Will You Be Required To Present At The Vietnam International Airport?

• Original passport

• Printed Approval Letter

• The completed entry and exit form NA1

• Two passport-sized personal photos

• Stamping fee  paid in cash at our office or tranfer

6 – Where can you receive the visa on arrival at Vietnam airports?

At Ho Chi Minh City – Tan Son Nhat external terminal: As you go into the Immigration building, you will find the VOA window placed on the left. The counter itself is signed “landing visa.”

At Hanoi – Noi Bai external terminal: Starting from January 2015, the airport has changed with the recent opening of the new international terminal. You need to find the desk opposite the Immigration counter.

There are two sides: the right side takes in the documents, and on the left side they would get your passport back with visa stamp on it.

At Danang airport: You need to follow the exit signs. Once you go into the building, it is uncomplicated to identify window for processing landing visa. It is on the left side.

Quite often, the airport can be quite crowded, and the queue may be quite long. Therefore we suggest you pay attention to the right signal of visa on arrival area and not stand in a wrong line.

In the event that you do not like the idea of queuing and waiting long time or you have kids, it is highly recommended that you use stamping assistance service.

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