How to get express Vietnam visa in Bangkok ?


You have left your Vietnam visa to the last minutes? Dont worry, this article will provide you more information about procedure to get Express Vietnam visa in Bangkok 

You have left your Vietnam visa to the last minute and now you are worrying that you will have to change or cancel your flights, hotel bookings and other plans? That cannot happen if you use our Fast Track Visa Services. The information below will show you how to select the most appropriate express service and how to apply for Express Vietnam visa in Bangkok.

Express Vietnam visa in Bangkok

Express Vietnam visa in Bangkok

Select the best expedited processing for you

24-Hour Service: is helpful if you travel within over 24 hours.

04-Hour Service: should be applied if you are going to check in flight next 12 hours.

01-Hour Service: is recommended for super-Express case.

Note: Express Vietnam visa in Bangkok are available in office hours from Monday to Sunday. We support express visa processing 24/24 and non-stop wordking.

How to apply?

For 24-Hour Service:you’ll need to fill out application form online with personal information and travel plan. Select “Express Processing” to request 24-hour processing. Next, use your credit or debit card to make payment for visa application. We’ll confirm the success of application by email right after you finish the payment.

To get the visa approval on the same day, you should apply before 10:00 am local time. If you apply later, the approval will be delivered on the following day after 24-hour processing.

For 04-Hour Service:you can send either the passport page containing personal information or passport details to our email at Very quickly, we will calculate the processing fee based on type of visa you request and send you a secure link to make payment.

Express Vietnam visa on arrival

Express Vietnam visa on arrival

For applications paid by 10:00 am local time, we deliver the visa approval via email around 12:00 pm. If you apply before 3:00 pm local time, you’ll obtain the letter of approval by 6:00 pm.

Please keep in mind that this service is applicable for all types of visa except for 3 months multiple entry.

For 01-Hour Service: please follow the same procedure as directions of 04-Hour Service to request 01-Hour Service. We’re committed to provide you with visa approval in 01 hour since we receive your complete information and payment. Be noted that this service is available until 4:00 pm every weekday and applicable only for 01 month single entry visa.

What about the charges?

The prices vary depending on type of visa and processing time of application you request. Please do note that this is processing fee for arrangement of visa approval. When you arrive in Vietnamese airports, you have to pay additional stamping fee by cash to get actual visa stamp on your passport.

24-Hour Service: the price ranges from $26 to $55 for European citizens; and from $40 to $80 for citizens from India and China. Please find more information about the fee here.

04-Hour Service:

•  For European citizens: you have to pay $46 for 01 month single entry, $53 for 01 month multiple entry, $56 for 03 months single entry.

•  For Indian and Chinese citizens: it costs $60 for 01 month single entry, $65 for 01 month multiple entry, $85 for 03 months single entry.

01-Hour Servicethe European citizens pay $85 to get 01 month single entry in 01 hour. For Indian and Chinese nationals, the price is $95.

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Vietnam visa extension 2018

Vietnam visa extension 2018

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