Overstay visa & Blacklist in Vietnam

Overstay visa & Blacklist in Vietnam or Vietnam Immigration Blacklist

For foreigners traveling to an unfamiliar country like Vietnam, you must learn to adapt to the local laws and regulations, especially the immigration laws pertaining to visas and stay permits. All types of Vietnam visa, including business visa, tourist visa and work permit have their own validity and the validity may differ based on the type of visa and which country you are from.

Just like almost every other country in the world, if your visa that allows you to stay in Vietnam is expired, you need to extend it or get a new one. Period. Overstaying a visa in Vietnam is a pretty bad idea because the penalty can be severe such as monetary fines, blacklisting or deportation. Worse, you will never be able to come back to Vietnam again in the future.

The best thing to do is of course to take note of your visa validity and make sure not to let yourself overstay your visa in Vietnam.
Foreigners must pay for penalty amount applied for overstay Vietnam visa if the visa holders do not exit Vietnam or extend the visa by its validity. Hereby, we would like to..

Pursuant to Vietnam Immigration Regulation, foreigners who want to enter Vietnam legally are required to obtain a valid Vietnam Visa. However, not everyone pay well attention to the visa validity. Consequently, foreigners must pay for penalty amount applied for overstaying case if the visa holders do not exit Vietnam or extend the visa by its validity. Hereby, we would like to inform you about several points related to the overstaying case (expired visa).


Always check your visa expiration date and prepare the documents for visa extension earlier if you want to stay in Vietnam longer.

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If you overstay only 1 or two days, it is advisable for you to pay the fine fee yourself to Immigration Officer at Vietnam airport when you leave. The fine fee is around VND 500,000 (equivalent to USD 25). However, this way is not officially legal, and may result in immigration remark in your passport. You can also certainly get a Vietnam visa extension to avoid paying fine fee at Vietnam airport when leaving, yet the extension takes you a few days more.

In order to prevent from matters related to the overstaying situation, visa holders must pay strict attention on the visa validity. If you want to stay in the country longer your visa’s temporary period, you should contact Vietnam visa agency to arrange visa extension or visa renewal before expiration date. For cases of overstaying, we- Vietnam visa agency – can help you on exiting procedure. However, the longer you overstay, it is more complicated to arrange visa for leaving Vietnam. Validity of the visa  must be carefully noticed and the visa holder must comply with the regulation applied on the particular visa type & validity.

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