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How to make Work Permit

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  • Forginer will be apply for a work permit from Vietnam, or from abroad with the help of their employer or a contract to visa agency like visa Thai Duong. Those applying from within Vietnam will need to do so within 90 days of arrival, as the government only grants a three month period during which expats can live and looking for job opportunities in Vietnam but without a permit.
    Criteria to be eligible for a work permit for Vietnam
  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • You must be physically fit to work
  • If you apply to local company must be either managers or executives, or must have a area of technical expertise not present in the Vietnam labour market
  • Expats must not have a previous conviction for infringement of national security, must not be facing examination of penal liability and must not be serving a criminal penalty as prescribed by Vietnamese or foreign law.
  • The fee for submit a working permit application depending on the contract, work permits can be valid for up to two year or three years.

Dossiers of application for work permit are as below: 

A. Documents and information workers be provided :

– Bachelor Degree (OR the 5 year working experience certificate if you do not have the bachelor degree) was legalized at the foreign affair and then legalized at the Vietnam embassy.

– (foreign Criminal record) Judicial CV record was legalized at the foreign affair and then legalized at the Vietnam embassy

– The (Vietnam Criminal record) Judicial CV issued by the Viet Nam authority ->Visa Thai Duong will help you to get it.

– Medical certificate issued by one of these clinics: at the people 115 Hospital and Van Hanh hospital, Cho Ray Hospital, Thong Nhat Hopital or other internation hospital. Validation of medical certificate less than 06 months

B. Company documents to provide:

Copy of certificates investment, business registration, representative office –notarized by the government officer with red stamp

C. How the Visa Thai Duong working :

– Translate and notarize all legalized papers

– Prepare the application dossier for work permit;

– On behalf of Visa Thai Duong will submit and receive work permit

The reference cost for this service will be usd 290 per person (subject to change)

Working time: 90 days

Note: When you have a work permit you can process the temporary residence card accordingly (the validity of the temporary residence card is the same with your work permit).

Please contact with us via emai: hotro@dulichthaiduong.com if you need any more information.

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