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How to make 1 year visa for South Korean passport

How to make 1 year visa for South Korean passport
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Korean nationals Passort ( Passort Hàn Quốc) who are staying in Vietnam if the them visa expired , they can apply for visa with duration from 01 month to 01 year or 03 year maximum. Or are preparing to Vietnam or work partner search-the market but wishing to stay in Vietnam on May 3 to 1 year 1 year visa procedures for South Korean people was taken in at the entry and exit Management Department or the Immigration Department public safety the city depending on the particular case. The people of Korea are level and visa renewal 01 year in Vietnam include :

  • Koreans in Vietnam visiting relatives;
  • Korean people come for investors;
  • Head of representative office in charge of government institutions;
  •  Korean people lawyer was the Ministry of Justice level Vietnam licensed;
  •  Korean people citizens are granted work permit Vietnam … …
  • Investor or want to search the market for new business in Vietnam

The Agency Issued new Visa renewals and 1 year for the Korean people. Please call (084)0915946427 to get a quote-alien’s passport are also the minimum duration of 06 months; -work permit (for foreign workers is like to term the visa from 03 months or more; Investors, head of Project Office, non-governmental organizations, foreign lawyers are licensed to practice in Vietnam do not have to please labor license)-suggested form for visa Vietnam &. In case you do not have insurance guarantee Vietnam records please call (084) 091 594 64 27

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