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How to get Vietnam visa for Japanese passport holders?

How to get Vietnam visa for Japanese passport holders?
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Now Vietnam opening up the country for foreign tourists come to here. It has also become a favorite destination for visitors from Japan is almost. Luckily, Japanese passport holders are not required visa for entering to visit Vietnam if staying less than 15 days. If you want to stay longer 15 days, you should apply for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year Vietnam visa. Visa Thai Duong can do , we are Thai Duong Visa can help you to make the Services can Email to : hotro@dulichthaiduong.com

About applying for a visa with a Japanese Nationality is quite a straight forward and well streamlined process. For the citizens of Japan who wish to visit Vietnam there are lots of options available. This easy makes it a visa free country to travel to when Japanese passport. For free stay 15 days Japanese passport you have to apply through the visiting and apply at Vietnam embassy or consulate in Japan as with any other nations.

Don’t worry if you want to live far from Vietnam embassy or consulate in Japan. You can apply to request approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department for picking up your Vietnam visa upon arrival at international airport of Vietnam. all of them Visa Thai Dương can do

As mentioned earlier for periods free stay 15 days, citizens of Japan are required to apply for their visa. The visa on arrival facility is the most best choice as it is very convenient and it virtually entails very less paperwork. It is important for the visa on arrival facility is only available when entering into the country of Vietnam by air, and hence all other modes particularly by sea currently do not offer this facility; you may however check the latest rules with your cruise operator.

The next steps is to apply with a suitable and credible online agency for getting your approval letter issued. You need to fill up the online application form with all the personal details like your name, passport details, and also your date of arrival and departure from Vietnam. When applying do check that your passport has a validity of at least 6 months and also do make it a point to check whether on your last day in Vietnam and you still have an month of passport validity

The application fees will be levied by the agency in proportion of the services requested. There are two different categories of visa the typical tourist visa also called by the category DL – Tourist visa or the business visa which has category like ĐT, LĐ, and TT.

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