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How to apply for Vietnam business visa

How to apply for Vietnam business visa
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You don’t know to apply for Vietnam business visa

All Visa in Vietnam like business visa or working visa , which is categorized as visa DN, LV or DT, is granted to those who come to Vietnam for business or holiday. A business visa is normally valid for 3 months (single or multiple entry) or even 6 months to 1 year . Yes we are Visa Thai Duong 

What are requirements for business visa Visa Thai Duong will application?

For apply for Vietnam business visa, Tourist people will need to prepare a valid passport of 06 months at least the date of arrival, 2 passport-sized photos, and Vietnam visa fee (25 USD for less than 3 month single entry; 50 USD for less than 3 month multiple entry; 95 USD for 6 month multiple entry or 135 USD for 1 year multiple entry visa). You will apply for Vietnam visa on arrival then a approval letter get Visa Thai Duong by Vietnam Immigration Department before departing to Vietnam is a must. can make at Embasy or airport

From January 2015, the type B3 business visa will be replaced by the DN visa. Please note on how to get DN visa below.

How to make DN visa to work with Vietnam Enterprise from 1 January 2015?

From January 2015, those who enter Vietnam to work with Vietnam Enterprise are obliged to apply for DN visa. Business DN visa can be 01 month, 03 months, 06 months with single entry or multiple entry or even 1 year multiple entry.

Don’t worry if you are unable to arrange these materials for DN visa, we can arrange it for you quite free

  • The letter of authorization of the enterprise (original);
  • The copy of business registration certificate of the enterprise (certified by local authorities);
  • The copy of stamp registration certificate of the enterprise (certified by local authorities);
  • The copy of tax code registration certificate of the enterprise (certified by local authorities);
  • The letter for the stamp (03 samples) and the signature (03 samples) of the director (original);
  • The visa form (original);
  • The working program of the applicants (original);
  • The letter to state the reason for getting visa on arrival (original);

How to apply for Vietnam business visa?

Look like a tourist visa, Vietnam business visa can be applied at the Vietnam Embassy or applied online easily through some simple steps without passport and sponsorship letter required.

Apply Vietnam business visa at the embassy:

The applicants come to the nearest Vietnam Embassy to submit the following documents:
– A valid passport: Your passport must be at least 06 months validity be stay in Vietnam to meet airlines requirements and with at least one blank visa page available for the Vietnam visa.
– The application form can be downloaded at Vietnam Embassy website or get it directly from the office of Vietnam Embassy or you can contact to Visa Thai Duong we can send for you. The form must be completed, signed and attached with 01 passport sized photo.
– Sponsorship documents;

– Processing time: Five (5) business days are required to process visa applications with approval.

Apply Vietnam business DN visa online:

The business visa almost good for who come to Vietnam for working with the Vietnamese enterprise or applying the Temporary Residence Card (TRC) inside Vietnam territory. Vietnam visa on arrival is available for both tourist visa and business DN visa now and it is like to be the cheapest, fastest and the most simple way to get a Vietnam Business visa.

  • STEP 1: Fill out online visa application form

Get fill in the secure Vietnam visa application form at www.visathaiduong.com with correct details of the visa information including: full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number and proposed arrival date.

  • STEP 2: Confirm and make online payment for the service fee.

– Double check with your passport to make sure the information in your online application is correct.
– Make a payment for the visa service (we accept the online payment by credit cards via PayPal, through Western Union or bank wring transfer).

  • STEP 3: Receive visa approval letter and get visa stamped at arrival airport:

– After 03-05 working days (normal day) we will complete a visa approval letter to send to your email
– You are requested to print out the letter and prepare 2 passport-sized photos + stamping fee in cash
– When you arrival to airport in Vietnam (at 1 of 6 international airports like Hanoi, Hai Phong, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc), you will printed visa approval letter + passport + 2 photos, fill out an entry form, and pay for the stamp fee 25$ -50$ or 135$ depend of your visa to Vietnam Immigration Officer, you can get your DN visa stamped within some minutes.

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